My name is Wylie Goodman. I'm a psychologist in New York City. Recently, I appeared as a guest expert on The Montel Williams Show and on the show's Web site.

I created this Web site to give people an idea about my approach to therapy and to share books, resources, and services I've found helpful in my work with clients. I also wanted to reach people who may not have access to a qualified psychologist in their local communities.

At the top of this site, I've included a few quotes I find inspiring. Used wisely, words are powerful tools. The words we say to ourselves can influence our self-perception. Those we speak out loud literally give voice to our deepest hopes and dreams. And the words we direct toward other people can affect their attitude towards us, as well as their own self-perception, if they take our words to heart.

Most therapies are based on words. You go to an office, talk on the phone, or communicate via the Internet with a therapist and, for 50 minutes or so, exchange words. You describe what's on your mind, and the therapist offers words of empathy, advice, insight, and so on. Through this simple dialogue, change is supposed to take place.

But lately I've found that words, powerful as they are, are often not enough. In order to truly change your life, you have to do more than talk, you have to act. That may seem obvious, but it can be difficult to put into practice if your actions are well-ingrained.

One way to think about the importance of action versus talking is through the metaphor of music. If you've ever played an instrument, you know that you can talk about playing the piano forever, but unless you sit down and practice, you'll never get to Carnegie Hall!

However, for beginning musicians, staying motivated to practice, especially when you're learning a new technique or hit a plateau, can be difficult. It's at these times that keeping focused on the reason why you wanted to play (your purpose) and learning how to accept your feelings while still doing what needs to be done is critical to future success.

How do you learn to do that when making personal life changes, especially those that are difficult?

Through my work with clients, I've found that one of the best ways is through a form of therapy called Constructive Living. It's an approach that emphasizes action over talk, behavior over thoughts, and attention and purpose over feelings.

I talk more about Constructive Living and my approach to therapy in Frequently Asked Questions.

Read on, and thanks for visiting!

- Wylie Goodman, Psy.D.

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