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Welcome to the online home of the Body Casting Studio


The Body Casting Studio is commissioned to produce a cast of the world's fastest foot... that of Usain Bolt the Jamaican Olympic Sprinter and multiple World and Olympic Record Holder!

Thank you for visiting the Body Casting Studio website - the home of unique personal body casts and life casts created individually from your own body moulds. Quite simply we can produce a unique life cast sculpture for any occasion.

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Virtually any body part can be cast - from a pregnant belly cast (prenatal casts) to baby hands and feet through to adult hands, feet, lips and more. For something more novelty why not consider a lip cast or for something more cheeky and erotic we can do nipple casts, breast casts, bum casts etc.

For bridal casts or as an eternity cast we can cast linked hands or fingers. Perfect for wedding, anniversary and valentines gifts.

Please navigate around our site to see the full range of body casts and life casts that we can offer. Celebrate your unique body with a unique personal body cast from the Body Casting Studio.

Casting isn't limited to body parts, and we can also casts pets paws with dog paw casting and cat feet casting a particular favourite. In fact any item can potentially be cast.

After casting we offer a full range of decorative and mounting services to transform your unique body cast into a collectors item. Life is beautiful - capture it for ever with the Body Casting Studio. From classic white to elaborate metallic finishes to fully painted casts, we can offer a service that is personalised to your exact requirements.

Life is beautiful, intricate and evolving... capture a moment in time for always and for ever... with Body Casting Studio Body Casts/Life Casts.

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